πŸ”’ Blockchain Basics with Cliodhna Colgan

Calling Beginner Blockchain Badasses!

Don’t know your Ass from your Alts?

Bothered about Bitcoin volatility?

Concerned about Crypto? - Wait isn’t that for gangsters??

Fretting about CeFi versus DeFi?

Frowning over Fiat currency – Seriously? Isn’t that a small Italian car??

And HOW do I secure all the assets I'm acquiring??

If all of the above is messing with your mind, then join Cliodhna every Monday & Thursday for 2 FREE Workshops on the basics of Blockchain and the basics of Security.

Each week I'll rotate the workshops for each time slot to cover both time zones.

Let’s get your crypto adventures off on the right foot.
Looking forward to seeing you.

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